Living a day at a time and overcoming great trials, all we can do is live through the chaos and expand beyond our own set of limitations.

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Sometimes Chaos Is Just So Damn Chaotic

Before I begin the story of my weekend and the last few days I want to make a big trigger warning statement. If reading about someone struggling with mental illness in their darkest times hurt you, or trigger you in anyway, please stop reading here and read a softer more fun blog post of mine.…

How Did I Even Make It Through Today?

This is a question I ask myself all too often. With how hard it was to even get out of bed, meeting the demands of my two children, and then keeping it together enough to keep the house clean and do my homework, I am in SHOCK by bedtime that I accomplished anything at all.…


So I am going to be honest here. I definitely created this blog while high on pain meds after having all four of my wisdom teeth extracted. Why am I telling you this? Well, I was thinking of coming on here today to take down the blog and act like it never happened. I have…

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