Take the First Step

I am not about to come into the blogosphere to act like I have answers that no one has found yet. I am not going to spout out how much easier my life got when I realized such and such ideal, or found the miracle personal development book that changed my life. However, I am going to share the crazy ups and downs of navigating this chaotic journey we call life while sharing the good, the bad, the beautiful, and the ugly of doing so with mental illness and no plan. I want to share the crazy, yet oddly familiar, continuing story of the life of a 29 year old mama, who can go from totally calm, collected, and organized to a complete catastrophic, rage filled, maniac in two-point-two seconds. How that life is full of dreams not yet accomplished but that also doesn’t mean that they can never be fulfilled. The world is full of chaos that is randomized into order, and our lives are just that. Chaos, waiting to be turned into unlimited growth. No matter your challenges, no matter how hopeless you feel one day, we have to remember there will be days full of hope to follow and those days will get us to where we are meant to be. Our road just looks different than others and we cannot compare our paths to them, they did not walk in our shoes, on our path, or in our stories. We will overcome all obstacles, just stay focused, and pay close attention to your needs and dreams.

Published by Donda Arie

I am just a mother of two trying to find her way in life. I never got the chance to discover who I was when I was younger so let's see if I can figure this stuff out in my 30s.

3 thoughts on “Take the First Step

    1. Hi Norbert, “Entropic Mama” to me is all about being a woman who has goals and ambitions, but may not know how to get there right away because she has a lot more to focus on than just herself and/or her goals. We can feel like we have this set order to our lives and that we have it all together for that moment, but then we fall into disorder because of countless things. Such as mental health, debt, loss of family or friends, anything that is truly out of our immediate control really. Life is all about entropy, the chaos and randomness of the world that eventually brings order, and as long as we don’t give up along the way, we will always see our dreams come to fruition. Thank you for your question!

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