Just the crazy mom who lives down the street trying to make the world make sense.

Ever wake up some days and you are on top of the world? You know, the days where you know you are going to tackle that to-do list, be a badass mom, stellar partner, and wonder woman to all?! Then good, way to go mama! I am proud of you and your accomplishments, and I want you to keep getting it done. These days do wonders for our self esteem and confidence. These days are SUPER important to try remember for the days where we feel the opposite. The days where you wake up but all you want to do is hide under the pillow and just wish you even had the energy to get up to throw that to-do list in the trash. The days where you just want to feed the kids goldfish, grapes, and cheese squares because the idea of making another meal is just daunting. Just know, I am proud of you on those days too. Maybe even more so, because I know how hard it is to wade through that mind fog, that wet cement clinging to your brain, while you get up just to get those damn goldfish and grapes. It is so much harder to do the little things when that mood just grabs you. So way to slay mama. We are going to get through this together. The good days, the bad, the beautiful, and the ugly. We are going to take this chaotic mess of our lives and we are going to turn it into unlimited growth and show life who the boss really is.

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