What does “chaos” look like for you?


So I am going to be honest here. I definitely created this blog while high on pain meds after having all four of my wisdom teeth extracted. Why am I telling you this? Well, I was thinking of coming on here today to take down the blog and act like it never happened. I haveContinue reading “Whoopsie”

Welcome to the Journey

Welcome to my public brain dump. Wonderful imagery, I know, but really that is what this is. I am horrible at taking time to really think out how I want to say things and making it make sense to others so I just write literally anything that pops into my head. It is quite astoundingContinue reading “Welcome to the Journey”

Take the First Step

I am not about to come into the blogosphere to act like I have answers that no one has found yet. I am not going to spout out how much easier my life got when I realized such and such ideal, or found the miracle personal development book that changed my life. However, I amContinue reading “Take the First Step”

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